Welcome to Marita O'Neill's 2010-2011 Teacher Portfolio!

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AP Literature and Composition seniors act out Dylan Thomas' "Fern Hill" : "Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,/
Time held me green and dying/Though I sang in my chains like the sea."

Teacher Portfolio Contents

I. Collaborative Inquiry Question
A. **Final Reflection**
B. **Learning the Analysis Process--Connecting the Part to the Whole**
C. **Critical Think Model--Visualizing the Analysis Process**
D. **Dialectical Charts**
E. **Thesis Small Group and Large Group Work**
F. **Three-Pronged Approach to Designing a Thesis**
G. **Reader as Writer--Mentor Sentences**
H. Creative Writing--Mishima, Short Stories,
**POV activity**
I. Practice Timed Writing & Student Exemplars

J. Quick Writes with Peer Editing
K. Using Google Docs--General Overview


A. Student Feedback
1. Student Survey Results and Reflection
a. AP Literature and Composition Students
b. Sophomore Honors English Students
2. **Research**
3. Class Expectations
a. AP Literature and Composition Students
b. Sophomore Honors English Students

B. Parent Feedback
1. **Survey Results and Reflections**
a. AP Literature and Composition Parents
b. Sophomore Honors English Parents
3. **Email Correspondence**

C. Observations
1. **Administrative Observations**
2. **My Observations of other teachers**

III. Progress Toward Recertification
A. Recertification due in 2013
B. Took a variety of professional development courses this year and will take a summer AP
course and a Folger workshop in the fall.
C. I plan on also taking some pre-AP workshops to help expand and deepen the sophomore

IV. Professional Development
a. **Apple Workshop--Challenge-Based Learning**
b. **AP Literature and Composition Workshop**
c. **NTE Literacy and Technology in the 21st Century**
d. Staff Development Day--Teaching and Learning with Yarmouth Google Docs
e. **Spring Technology Training Course**

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