My Collaborative Inquiry Question

A. Final Reflection

1. Collaborative Inquiry Question
How can we make frequent writing and analysis more meaningful, timely, constructive, productive, and collaborative? How can we make the assessment of writing an integral part of the daily classwork, taking the emphasis off the grade and off the teacher and engaging students more deeply in the writing process? How can we make student writing immediately relevant?

B. Reader as Writer: Mentor Sentences
C. Critical Think Model: Visualizing the Analysis Process
D. Three-pronged approach to designing a thesis
E. Student Exemplars
F. Creative Writing: Mishima, Short Stories, POV activity
G. Post-Q Timed Writing Teacher Notes
H. Quick Writes with Peer Editing
I. Practice Timed Writing
J. Dialectical Charts
K. Q2 Drive Thru
L. Thesis Discussions: Small Group and Large Group