Administrative Observations

My observations this year have been extremely helpful and beneficial in every sense. Though the process of being a new teacher has been very intense this year because of a number of factors, I feel as if I have relaxed in my relationships with students, teachers, and administrators here at the high school. My meetings with Amy have been very helpful in terms of helping me set concrete goals, connecting me with other teachers who are resources for technology development, as well as learning what the norms and expectations are for teachers here at the high school. Though the expectations are high at YHS for new teachers, all year I have felt a tremendous amount of support from staff, students, and administrators. I think one of my biggest areas of growth has been in technology this year. I have learned how to use and maintain a wiki; use Google Docs, Forms, and Calendars (though I have not used my calendars enough this year and would like to improve upon this for next year). Additionally, I have worked hard to update my grades regularly and for the most part have improved in my ability to get student work back to them in a timely manner (though, this is definitely an area where I could improve upon always!). Lastly, I have worked hard to collaborate with both Deborah and Karin, who have been incredible role models, support systems, and colleagues all year.

My Goals